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Volunteer of the Year 2016 from Moreno Valley Animal Shelter

In the animal welfare world, there are so many ways to help the animals.  You can volunteer your time to sit and read to cats at a shelter or be a dog walker.  You can become a rescue and pull the at-risk animals from the shelters.  You can foster sick, orphan babies or regular animals to socially adapt them better.  Or you can do I what I do......  photograph.  I photograph the broken spirit into a beautiful animal.  My photographs get the animals noticed over the other shelter intake photos.  Which brings the public in to the shelter to meet the animal.  Professional photos have been proven to increase the positive outcome of animals by 90-96%.  

This year I was nominated by Moreno Valley Animal Shelter for Volunteer of the Year 2016.  I was so honored and very surprised.  I received a beautiful plaque and a large framed Proclamation.  All of this took place at City Hall and they me feel so special.   In the video and picture, you will see our dog, PD.  She was adopted from that shelter, in fact, she was a foster fail.  She goes every Thursday to that shelter with me and sleeps very quietly in the corner of the room unless I call upon her to help the dog that is being photographed.

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Award Ceremony

Award Ceremony

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On December 11, 2018,  my Shelter Project was recognized for photographing my 10,000th shelter animal earlier that year by the City of Riverside.  Thank you Mayor Rusty Bailey and Councilman Mike Gardner and City Council for this certificate.

121118 Kelly Vela.jpg

Humane Hero Award 2019


In  March of 2019 I was extremely honored to be amongst a few that received the Humane Hero Award from Riverside County Dept. of Animal Services.  It is their highest award and it was presented to us at the Board of Supervisors meeting.

15,000th shelter animal

photographed 11/2019

Volunteer of the Year 2019

voy kelly 2019.jpg

I was very honored to receive Volunteer of the Year from RCDAS on April 9th, 2019.  

Thank you Riverside County Depart. of Animal Services

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